OK Invasion 8


For more Info and Registration go to http://milsimevent.com/
Oklahoma Invasion 8, 2013
DDay Adventure Park – Wyandotte, Ok
Labor Day weekend August 30 – September 2

This weekend long MILSIM will not stop, will you?
Combine the 2 Time Winner of Worlds best Milsim,
The Most Sought After AO in the Country,
with High End Milsim Game Mechanics
and you get Challenge for you and your Team…
Can you be combat effective at the End?
This is no longer Airsoft, this is MilsimEvolved…this is the MilsimEvolution!

OKI8 is back and this year we have set the bar high, this continuous 26 hour milsim is designed to challenge everything you and your team has trained for and then some. The style of vehicle mobile movement will utilize every part of the AO. Our successfully tested mobile game mechanic will be your most thrilling milsim adventure yet. Your team will be free to roam the 1000 acre facility to accomplish your team specific mission. It may be just your squad involved or part of a combined force coordinated attack. This event will be hard, no doubt. There will be No mamby pamby scheduled breaks, you will eat, reload and plan on the go. This is how it really is. We will have the next mission waiting for you when your last one is completed, and another after that. Can you and your squad fight on a moments notice and remain combat effective for multiple missions? This is milsim on full auto, This is milsim evolved. This is the MilsimEvolution.