Oklahoma D-Day is one of the largest paintball events in the world and commemorates the history of the D-Day Landings during World War Two with a week of epic paintball adventure. Featuring thousands of players, paintball tanks, vendors, camping, parties, and a massive paintball community from around the world, Oklahoma D-Day is something that every paintball player should experience.

Oklahoma D-Day 2021 marks our last Oklahoma D-Day Event after more than 20 years of operation. The facility will continue to be host to numerous other paintball, airsoft, and specialty events, but if you’ve ever wanted to attend one of the most legendary paintball events in history, now is the time! Primitive camping is included with every ticket. We have bathrooms and showers on site as well as RV slots for sale. When you sign up for the event you will need to select a unit. Typically, you can camp with your unit at their camp site and units are how we organize players on the field. Seneca Missouri is only a few miles away and has lodging, food, and gas. The Indigo Sky Casino offers a D-Day Discount at their hotel located only a few minutes from the field!

NOTE: RV Slots for OK D-DAY have sold out! Indigo Sky Casino has RV Slots Available! Be sure to ask for the "Oklahoma D-Day" hotel discount!

JUNE 7-13 2021 | D-Day Adventure Park | 66800 E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK 74370

See the below quick-links for additional information about our events. If you need information please contact our registration coordinator, Peggy, at ddayadventurepark@gmail.com. For Vendor Inquiries please contact Wayne Berry of TC Paintball at tcpaintball@gmail.com. Additionally, you can call The Bunker at (918) 666-3411

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